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The Windows command prompt is not the most powerful option available, but it is fairly full featured for scripting.


You may think of command line scripts as using one specific shell or language, but you can combine multiple shells in a single script to leverage the advantages of each.

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The Linux awk command is a powerful alternative to the cut command for slicing columnar data.


PowerShell was originally designed for use in Windows, but more recent releases have added support for Linux.


Ping is typically used to determine if a remote host/computer is available on a network, but it can also be used to test network latency and perform basic network diagnostics.

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Use the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) to run Linux commands directly from the Windows Command Prompt.


Dynamic pipelines allow you to create powerful one-liners where mere mortals would need an entire script.


Over the past several years Microsoft has dedicated significant resources to enhance the command line capabilities of Windows.


The Windows and Linux operating systems have a slight variation in how they handle newlines in files.


Cybersecurity Ops with bash

Cybersecurity Ops with bash teaches you how to leverage sophisticated Linux and Windows commands, and the bash shell to enhance your capabilities as a security operator and practitioner. By learning these skills you will be able to rapidly create and prototype complex capabilities with as little as a single line of pipelined commands.

bash Cookbook

For system administrators, programmers, and end users - shell commands or carefully crafted shell scripts can save you time and effort, or facilitate consistency and repeatability for a variety of common tasks. This cookbook provides more than 300 practical recipes for using bash, the popular Unix shell that enables you to harness and customize the power of any Unix or Linux system.

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