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About Command Line Wizardry


Command Line Wizardry is dedicated to helping you develop and sharpen your skills with the command line interface (CLI).

Within computer operating systems (OS) lives an astounding amount of functionality that has been honed and perfected over decades of use and development. Sadly, the ability to interact with the OS by using the command line is quickly becoming a lost art. It has been replaced instead by graphical user interfaces (GUIs) that often increase ease of use, but at the expense of speed, flexibility, and compatibility, and distance you from the underlying capabilities.

If you have ever observed someone with a mastery of the command line you may have stood there in awe as the person typed a few commands and, like magic, produced an amazing output. Yet, like a stage magician, there is no magic involved at all; the amazing performance is a result of practiced skills and a mastery of a toolset.

With practice, you too can be a command line wizard.

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