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Workshop Solutions
  1. Command-Line Primer

  2. Bash Primer

  3. Regular Expressions Primer

  4. Principles of Defense and Offense

  5. Data Collection

  6. Data Processing

  7. Data Analysis

  8. Real-Time Log Monitoring

  9. Tool: Network Monitor

  10. Tool: Filesystem Monitor

  11. Malware Analysis

  12. Formatting and Reporting

  13. Reconnaissance

  14. Script Obfuscation

  15. Tool: Command-Line Fuzzer

  16. Establishing a Foothold

  17. Users, Groups, and Permissions

  18. Writing Log Entries

  19. Tool: System Availability Monitor

  20. Tool: Software Inventory

  21. Tool: Validating Configuration

  22. Tool: Account Auditing



Chapter Scripts


All of the chapter scripts and data files are available in our GitHub repository.




Learn how to rapidly create and prototype complex capabilities with as little as a single line of pipelined commands


Command Wizard

> Alexa Skill _

Command Wizard is an Amazon Alexa skill to help you lookup information related to Linux commands. Its like a voice-enabled man page. Not sure what the grep command does, just ask. Want to know the common options for the cut command, you can ask that too! You can also ask for a tip or to learn about a new command.

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